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Profil von Prof. Dr. Axel Mecklinger


Herr Prof. Dr. Axel Mecklinger


Experimental Neuropsychology Unit Department of Psychology

Universität des Saarlandes
Neurowissenschaften Allgemein

Building A 2.4, 2nd Floor, Rooms 2.08 - 2.21.1 University Area
66123 Saarbrücken

0049 (0) 681-3026515

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Our research is concerned with the neurocognitive basis of learning and memory. We adapt a systems view of memory that allows to examine (i) the functional architecture of different memory systems such as episodic memory or semantic memory and (ii) the processes by which information is transferred between these memory systems. In this framework, we considered learning as the processes of creating new or modulating existing memory traces. To achieve a comprehensive understanding of learning and memory systems we additionally examine the neural organisation of these systems using event-related potential (ERP) and fMRI measures. Both methods allow to monitor the neural correlates of learning and memory processes with sufficiently high temporal and spatial resolution.

Neurowissenschaften Allgemein

Diplom in Psychologie, Freie Universität Berlin; Ph.D. in Psychologie

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