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Universität Bayreuth

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One of the most fascinating problems is how the neuronal machinery of an animal can guide complex ('cognitive'] behavior and how it is wired and tuned to do so. The recent findings of our research program "Small systems for large tasks" suggests that remarkably compact neuronal systems can be fully capable of enganging even highly sophisticated tasks and offer sufficient plasticity for the complex tuning to the laws of the external world that is required. We explore this mostly using the sophisticated hunting behavior of archerfish, but we also use zebrafish and the Middle-Amerian 'machaca'. These fish offer enormous potential for exploring the circuitry even in cellular detail. Our ultimate goal is to exploit these advantages to understand with a broad range of approaches both the proximate and ultimate mechanisms that work together to shape the full potential of the compact systems used by these fish. We hope that the insights will not only help us gain a bette

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Klinische Neurowissenschaften, Kognitive Neurowissenschaften

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Schuster

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