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Progressive cardiomyocyte loss is a unifying theme in congestive heart failure. Because the intrinsic capacity for myocardial regeneration is limited, current clinical interventions are focus on maintaining viability and/or enhancing contractility of surviving cardiomyocytes. Cell cycle induction offers a unique opportunity to restore cardiomyocyte number, and presumably cardiac function, in diseased hearts. We have developed a reporter mouse model to monitor the cell cycle activity in adult cardiomyocytes in vivo, and to test several recently described pharmacologic interventions aimed at enhancing cardiomyocyte proliferation post-injury. In addition, we have developed transgenic models in which the intrinsic cardiomyocyte cell cycle activity is enhanced, and have studied the impact of cardiomyocyte proliferation on post-injury regeneration. Our recent results in these areas will be discussed.

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Entwicklungsneurobiologie und Neurogenetik, Molekulare Neurobiologie

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