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My lab is interested in understanding ion channel function and system modulation in animal physiology and behavior. Our research is centered on the characterization of voltage gated Ca2+ channels and their modulatory proteins in cerebellum and hindbrain. We will apply patch clamp measurements in cultured cells and slice preparations, virus mediated infection methods (Sindbis virus), imaging techniques (two photon microscopy, TIRF, FLIM, FRET, FRAP, BiFC) and mouse genetics (transgene expression and homologous recombination) to investigate the following topics:

Defining the role of P/Q-type Ca2+ channels domains for subcellular targeting, function and animal behavior. Ca2+ channels mediate voltage-dependent Ca2+ influx in subcellular compartments of neurons, triggering such diverse processes as neurotransmitter release, dendritic action potentials and excitation-transcription coupling. A fundamental question that remains unsolved is how Ca2+ channels are targeted to the appropriate

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Zelluläre Neurobiologie

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