Integrative Neuroscience

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

This research-oriented programme focuses on the neural basis of animal and human behaviour. The programme covers an exceptionally wide range of neuroscience areas (molecular, cellular, systems, behavioural, cognitive, theoretical), but consists of comparatively few courses that are correspondingly intensive (3 to 5 hrs per week and course). In addition, the programme imparts quantitative and computational skills, which are increasingly important in all areas of neuroscience.

The programme is housed in a brand new building on Magdeburg?s rapidly growing neuroscience campus. This building offers state-of-the-art teaching facilities as well as lounge and study rooms for programme students.

Type of institution:
Graduate School

Work focus:
Molekulare Neurobiologie, Neuropharmakologie und -toxikologie

Leipziger Str. 44 /Haus 91
D-39120 Magdeburg

0049 391 67 55051


Contact person:

Nicole Albrecht

Position / Activity:
Programme Administrator