Graduate School of Neural Information Processing

International Max Planck Research School

The Graduate School of Neural Information Processing provides research-oriented training in a wide spectrum of computational neuroscience topics, such as coding principles in sensory periphery and their clinical application; population coding in the early sensory cortex; perceptual inference mechanisms; and multi-sensory integration processes. Other fields of research include brain computer interfaces, neuroprosthetics and rehabilitation robotics. Furthermore, students get insight into the development of new techniques in MEG and fMRI to improve spatial and temporal resolution. The interdisciplinary combination of neurobiological, psychophysical and theoretical approaches does not only advance understanding of sensory and neural information processing but does also promote the development of technical devices mitigating lost sensory organ or brain function.

Type of institution:
Graduate School

Work focus:
Computational Neuroscience, Kognitive Neurowissenschaften, Neurowissenschaften Allgemein

Österbergstr. 3
72074 Tübingen

+49 (0) 7071-29 77179


Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Horst Herbert

Position / Activity:
Dean of Studies