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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

In the two decades prior to German reunification, research interests of the Department of Biology were primarily focused toward behavioral biology, biophysics, freshwater ecology, plant genetics and plant physiology. During this period, the structural and taxonomic disci-plines were organized within the Museum of Natural History (Museum für Naturkunde, MfN). The Institute for Systematic Botany with its botanical garden in Berlin-Blankenfelde and the arboretum in Berlin-Baumschulenweg was also part of the MfN. Following reunification the Commission for Structural Reform and Hiring (Struktur- und Berufungskommission, SBK) was established to define educational goals, identify areas of research specialization and supervise the hiring of new faculty members. The current interdisciplinary structure of the department and its research focus reflect the efforts of this commission.

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Computational Neuroscience, Kognitive Neurowissenschaften, Systemneurobiologie, Verhaltensneurobiologie

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Gabriele Eggert

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