Bernstein Center Freiburg

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

What are the theoretical foundations of brain function? And how can this knowledge be applied, for example in the development of prostheses and interfaces that directly connect to the nervous system? For years, scientists at the University of Freiburg have devoted themselves to answering these questions. The foundation of the Bernstein Center Freiburg as one of the university?s central scientific facilities provides a platform to consolidate this branch of research in Freiburg. It coordinates research in the areas of computational neuroscience and neurotechnology in Freiburg and combines experimental and theoretical neurosciences and their applications in computer science, microsystems technology, and clinical use into a large, multidisciplinary research hub. This facilitates scientific exchange and networking between the researchers in Freiburg, and enhances their options for joint outward operation.

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Computational Neuroscience, Klinische Neurowissenschaften, Systemneurobiologie, Verhaltensneurobiologie

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