Institut für Biochemie, Light Microscopy Center (LMC)

Universität Zürich

The Light Microscopy Centre LMC of the ETH Zurich is a facility created through the effort of a group of ETH professors in order to offer its users a collection of state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment and accessory services. While the LMC serves primarily the need of its members and their groups, it is basically open to any researcher at the ETH Zurich, and under certain circumstances to external, UniZh/academic/industrial users. The LMC has three main parts: high-end microscopy, histology and the RNAi image-based screening center (RISC).
The host department of the LMC is the Department of Biology.

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Entwicklungsneurobiologie und Neurogenetik

Schafmattstr. 18
08093 Zürich

0041 (0) 44-633 62 21


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Gabor Csucs